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5 Startup Hurdles Every Founder Needs To Overcome In Order To Achieve Rapid Growth

Appropriately managing and planning for growth is one of the most crucial challenges facing a startup founder. Though each startup is unique, many face similar obstacles that keep them from unlocking a repeatable growth process early on. I recently gained more insights into some of the issues startups need to focus on, thanks to a […]

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What are the principal advantages and disadvantages of using an S-corporation?

An S-corporation is generally treated as a flow-through entity for federal income tax purposes; that is, income and losses of the S-corporation are reported on the shareholders’ personal income tax returns. Thus, the chief advantage of an S-corporation is the ability to generally eliminate the federal entity-level income tax while using the corporate form of […]

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What is a C-corporation and what are the principal advantages and disadvantages of using one?

A C-corporation is typically a business organized as a corporation under state law and is subject to federal income tax under subchapter C of the Internal Revenue Code. A C-corporation is subject to federal corporate income tax on its taxable income, and its shareholders are subject to federal income tax on any dividends at a […]

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