Michigan LLC Articles of Organization

If you want to form your own Michigan limited liability company (LLC), one of the first formal steps you’ll need to take is to file articles of organization with the Michigan Secretary of State, Corporations Division.

While there are variations among the states, each of the following pieces of information commonly must be included in articles of organization:

the name of your LLC

the name and address of your LLC’s registered agent

a statement of the LLC’s purpose

an indication of how the LLC will be managed

the address of the LLC’s principal place of business

the LLC’s duration; and

one or more authorized signatures.

LLC Name.

Providing the name of the LLC may seem simple. However, you must make sure that the name you provide doesn’t conflict with the name of a preexisting business that’s already registered in Michigan. To avoid rejection, you will need to do a search of business names already registered in Michigan. This is typically a simple process that you can do online through the Michigan Secretary of State’s website.

Registered Agent.

A registered agent is someone who you designate to receive official papers for the LLC. These may include renewal notices and other communications from the state—and certainly would include documents related to lawsuits. The registered agent must be located in Michigan and you must provide a physical—street—address for the agent. In many cases, a member of your LLC will serve as the registered agent, and the address will be the LLC’s business location. In other cases, you may choose to appoint a separate individual, such as a lawyer, or a company to act as your registered agent.

Statement of Purpose.

Most states do not require you to be specific about the purpose of your LLC. Instead, a statement such as “The purpose of the Limited Liability Company is to engage in any lawful activity for which a Limited Liability Company may be organized in this state” is usually sufficient.


LLCs can be managed either by their members or by separate managers, and most states require you to indicate which type of management will apply for your LLC. In some instances, you may also need to provide the names and addresses of managers.

Principal Place of Business.

This is simply the main location of your business. For many small businesses, it will be the one and only business location.


The duration is the length of time, in years, that your LLC will operate. Not all states ask for a duration in their articles of organization, and states that do ask for it often does not require you to be specific. Instead, the duration may simply be “perpetual.” In fact, in many states, if you do not provide a duration, it is assumed by default to be perpetual. In some states, however, there is a statutory limit on the duration of an LLC. These limits are usually several decades in length, at the end of which time, if the LLC is still in business, the term can be extended for another long period.

Authorized Signatures.

The Michigan Secretary of State routinely requires at least one organizer of the LLC to sign and date the articles of organization. If your LLC is member-managed, you’ll likely want to have all the initial members of the LLC sign the articles as an indication of participation in the business.

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